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In Association with Goldsboro Books & D H H Literary Agency

Let’s write together

The Goldsboro Writing Academy offers courses created by writers, and supported by agents, editors and publishing industry professionals. From day one, we combine developing your writing craft, with building an understanding of the publishing process. Our inspiring tutors will give you the tools and confidence not only to write your book, but target publication and plan a career. Our courses are in-person, in-depth, and in Brighton. We meet in one of the most beautiful bookshops in the South East, Goldsboro Books. Come join us.

Our new courses for October 2024 - June 2025

Why choose the Goldsboro Writing Academy

Writing can be a passion, or a therapy session, a best friend, a lifeline, a coffee when you’re desperate for one – it can be a joy. But it’s also hard work to write a book. It can feel like a lonely long-haul trip without a map. That’s why we’re here.

At the Goldsboro Writing Academy we are building writing communities, giving you colleagues who can support your ideas, hopes and dreams while sharing the burden of any struggles and disappointments. Our inspiring tutors can give you support, insight and the tools you need to develop the confidence to take your book from first idea to final draft.

But writing your book is only a part of the journey. If you want your beautifully crafted stories to make it out into the world, you need to learn to ally your inner writer with some level-headed business sense. You need to understand how the publishing industry works – which means how books are sold, how agents select their authors, how writers are marketed and how their brands are created.

Our aim is to take you from writer to author - focussing on the writing craft, but also helping you plan your career, with advice from publishing professionals, booksellers and the full resources of the D H H Literary Agency.

David says:

“I am excited about the Goldsboro Writing Academy where you will receive expert teaching from acclaimed writers and top literary agents. We will help nurture your talent and help you reach your goals.”

What does ‘In association with Goldsboro Books and the D H H Literary Agency’ mean?

David Headley is the founder and Managing Director of Goldsboro Books, The Capital Crime Festival and the D H H Literary Agency, which is one of the UK’s most vibrant agencies with many award-winning authors. Their agents will be giving advice and sharing their experience with our students throughout the year. In all three of our 8-week Monday courses, each student will get to pitch to a top agent and get feedback. The advanced class (Wednesdays) will get multiple sessions with different agents, and at the end of the process will submit their novels to David and his team to get advice and 1-1 detailed feedback.

For more information of the agency go to:

Advanced Writing Programme

In-Person. Goldsboro Books. 22b Ship Street. Brighton, BN1.

30 weekly sessions including 1-1 sessions with mentor.

This course is designed for writers who are stuck — maybe you’ve taken a number of writing courses and not been able to get your novel finished. Or perhaps you’ve submitted to agent after agent, or publisher after publisher and had no success. If that’s you, then this is your nine-month, 30-session journey to change that story. Working from first principles – with a mentor, industry professionals, agents from the D H H Literary Agency and successful writers – we hone the skills to finish, pitch, submit and get published. At the end of the process you will make a full submission to an agent from D H H and have a 1-1 with detailed feedback.

  • Each participant is matched to a writer/mentor to plan and perfect your novel
  • Masterclass session on structure, and creating perfect hooks to draw your readers in, with Simon Toyne
  • Stress-test your ideas by pitching to agents, editors and writers
  • Incredible professional writers available week-by-week for one-to-one chats, advice and support
  • Discover your Pitch Power and write incredible tag and shout lines, with Kate Harrison
  • Core skill nights writing craft essentials including The Art of Suspense with Araminta Hall
  • My writing life nights where well-established writers talk about the highs and lows of their careers — Including Elly Griffiths and Josie Lloyd
  • The publishing landscape — looking at traditional, digital first, hybrid and self-publishing
  • Submission boot camps with core skill presentations on writing synopsis, pitches and cover letters
  • Develop re-drafting and editing skills with Laura Wilkinson
  • The author-editor dynamic — seminars with top authors and their editors to understand the process
  • The author-agent relationship —sessions with agents and their writers
  • Maximum 12 writers on course
Term 1
09 October – 11 December 2024
Term 2
08 January – 12 March 2025
Term 3
16 April – 18 June 2025
£1,350 (payment plan available)

Kickstart your writing.

The perfect beginner’s course.

In-Person. Goldsboro Books. 22b Ship Street. Brighton, BN1.

8 weekly sessions.

With our expert help you’ll develop your ideas to hook the reader and create an incredible story world and gripping plot. We will explore how the publishing industry works and how books sell. During the course you will get to test your ideas by pitching to inspiring writers and a top agent. This is the perfect introduction to a writing journey that targets publication and success.

  • Inspiring tutors share their insight, wisdom and experience of a life in writing and publishing
  • Industry professionals talking about all aspects of publishing
  • D H H Literary Agency offer invaluable help and advice
  • Find the joy in writing with fun exercises
  • Develop core writing skills
  • We offer optional Just Write sessions before each class
  • Discover the genre you want to write and develop your style and distinctive voice
  • You get the opportunity to pitch to a top-class agent and get feedback on your work
  • Maximum 10 writers on course
14 October – 02 December 2023

Writing for Film/TV/Stage/Audio

In-Person. Goldsboro Books. 22b Ship Street. Brighton, BN1.

8 weekly sessions plus 3 1-1 sessions with mentor.

A practical, introductory course that targets writing for performance of all kinds. Taught by filmmakers, script doctors, and award-winning writers. Input from agents, producers, and filmmakers. We will be using case studies of scripts, talking to their writers and screening their work.

  • Inspiring tutors share their insight, wisdom and experience of a life in theatre and film
  • Industry professionals talking about all aspects of writing for performance
  • D H H Literary Agency offer invaluable help and advice
  • Pitch your ideas to writers to get feedback
  • Core skill Nights on writing craft essentials
  • Incredible resources
  • Pitch to a top-class agent
  • Maximum 10 writers on course
All levels
13 January – 03 March 2025

First Blood.

Write your debut crime novel.

In-Person. Goldsboro Books. 22b Ship Street. Brighton, BN1.

Crime is the biggest selling, most widely published genre in the UK, offering the greatest opportunity for any debut writer to be published. It’s also the most crowded marketplace, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’re here.
Writers on this intensive course will develop their ideas and their writing craft, hand-in-hand with an understanding of the market and industry trends today. Throughout the course, you’ll learn to stress-test your ideas by pitching them to writers and industry professionals.

The Course:
Eight evening sessions (Monday evenings 18:30–21:00) in person.
PLUS  Three x 1 hour-long 1-to-1 sessions with course director P. D. Viner. The first will be scheduled before Monday April 14th to build a personal plan based upon your experience and where you are in your writing process.
Monday evening sessions will include:

  • Crime writing and its subgenres—developing an understanding of the marketplace and where you want to position your novel — with GWA founder P. D. Viner.
  • How to develop the hook of your novel, giving it a story structure and a plot that thrills and excites — with top thriller writer Simon Toyne.
  • Character development and relationship-building, for creating suspense and incredible twists and turns — with bestselling psych thriller writer Araminta Hall.
  • Insight into police procedures and how law enforcement works. Ideas and strategies for developing contemporary crime stories with real-world characters and issue-led storylines — with retired Chief Superintendent and best-seller Graham Bartlett.
  • An in-depth analysis of a new crime novel with the author and their editor, to analyse the relationship and process of publishing. Details TBD.
  • Understanding the agent-author relationship. Considering the wider rights and IP possibilities of your novel. You also pitch to top agent, and founder of the Capital Crime festival, David Headley.

Only 10 places are available. For more information, email:

All levels
Monday 14 April – Monday 02 June 2025
£450 (maximum 10 writers)

Let’s write together.

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